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The department became an approved Research Centre of Mahatma Gandhi University in 1994 with five of its faculty members and five from other colleges as approved research guides. So far 20  Ph.D.s have rolled out from the department and currently 17 scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. programmes. Advanced research in the fields such as Arachnology, Neurobiology of Ageing, Ant Taxonomy,  Ichthyotaxonomy, Biodiversity and Endocrinology are the thrust areas of research. The Division of Arachnology is the only centre in south India devoted exclusively for the research on spiders and their kin. In 2001 and 2019, the department was selected for special funding under the FIST programme by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Over the years, the department has run 13 major research projects and 5 minor projects funded by national and international agencies such as Department of Science and Technology; University Grants Commission, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change; Indian Council for Agricultural Research; Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment; International Foundation for Science etc. Total funds of these research projects are about 2.88 crores.


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Abin Joseliph

Aneesh Mathew Vergis

Anitha Abraham

Anusmitha Domichan

Aswathy S

Athira Nair D.

Biny N.B.

Jimmy Paul

Jithin Johnson

Kiran Kumar E.

Minu M.

Raagam P. M.

Reshmi Sekhar

Rima Joseph

Subin Balachandran

Swapna Johny

Uma Surendran


  1. Diversity and composition of litter and ground-dwelling spiders in Western Ghats of Kerala
  2. Indian Chelonethida: Taxonomy, Ecology and Phylogeography of Pseudoscorpions with Special Reference to Western Ghats Biodiversity Hotspot
  1. Bio-ecological Studies and the Predatory Potential of the Spider Fauna in the Rice Ecosystem of Kuttanad in Kerala
  2. Bioecology, Conservation and Predatory Potential of Spider Fauna In Vegetable and Rice Agroecosystems
  3. Effect of deprenyl on ageing
  4. A Qualitative Study on the Biodiversity of Spider Fauna in Ernkulam District, Kerala State
  5. Bio ecology of Spiders in Western Ghats of Kerala
  6. Bacterial isolation of proteins from shrimp wastes.
  7. Taxonomy and Behaviour of the Ant-Mimicking Salticid Spider Genus Myrmarachne
  8. A ‘Study on the Mygalomorph Spiders in Western Ghats, Kerala, India’
  9. Deprenyl as an anti-ageing agent
  10. Quality and source of prawn seeds in Kerala
  11. Spider diversity of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
  12. Bacterial isolation and characterisation of proteins from prawn shell wastes
  13. Diversity of abundance of spiders (order Araneae) in different habitat types of Agastyamala biosphere reserve in southern western ghats of Kerala, India
  14. Diversity and composition of litter and ground-dwelling spiders in Western Ghats of Kerala
  15. Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) in the cloud forests of the sky islands in Western Ghats: A taxonomic and eco-biogeographical approach
  16. Spiders and Pseudo scorpions of Western Ghats