E-Contents: Zoology

Sl No: Topic Name Document
1 Embryological evidence for evolution Dr. M. K. Raju
2 Reproductive System ppt Dr. M. K. Raju
3 Cell and Molecular Biology Dr. Mathew M J
4 Concept of Health Dr. Mathew M J
5 Ecology Dr. Mathew M J
6 Environmental Science Dr. Mathew M J
7 Microbiology Dr. Mathew M J
8 Research_Methodology Dr. Mathew M J
9 Animal Physiology Dr. Moncey Vincent
10 Chordata Dr. Moncey Vincent
11 Evolution and Ethology Dr. Moncey Vincent
12 Zoology-Bioinformatics Dr. Moncey Vincent
13 Aquaculture Dr. Moncey Vincent
14 Biophysics Instrumentation Dr. Moncey Vincent
15 Environmental Science Dr. Moncey Vincent
16 Genetics and BioInformatics Dr. Moncey Vincent
17 Diffusion Dr. Philip Mathew
18 Neuromuscular Junction Dr. Philip Mathew
19 Thermoregulation Dr. Philip Mathew
20 Xenobiotics Dr. Philip Mathew
21 Canorhabditis Dr. Samson Davis
22 Drosophila as a model organism Dr. Samson Davis
23 Nutrition Presentation Dr. Samson Davis
24 Sustainable Development Dr. Samson Davis
25 Agglutination Dr. Smitha S
26 Applied Zoology Dr. Smitha S
27 Cell and Molecular Biology Dr. Smitha S
28 Chordate Diversity Dr. Smitha S
29 Microbiology and Immunology Dr. Smitha S
30 DNA Replication Dr. Vidhu V V
31 Muscle Physiology Dr. Vidhu V V
32 Diffusion and Osmosis Dr. Vidhu V V
33 Environmental Pollution Dr. Vidhu V V
34 Life skill education Dr. Vidhu V V
35 Microbiology Dr. Vidhu V V
36 Paramecium Dr. Vidhu V V
37 Angiography and Arteriography Mr. Jobi M J
38 Dengue Mr. Jobi M J
39 Phylum Cnidaria Mr. Jobi M J
40 Rabbit Type study Mr. Jobin C Tharian
41 Amphibia Ms. Gisha Sivan
42 Apiculture Ms. Gisha Sivan
43 Atmospheric gases Ms. Gisha SIvan
44 Blastula Ms. Gisha Sivan
45 Computer application Ms. Gisha Sivan
46 Gel permeation chromatography Ms. Gisha Sivan
47 Lipid Ms. Gisha Sivan
48 Physiology Ms. Gisha Sivan
49 Classification of mammals Ms. Raagam P M
50 Environmental Biotechnology Ms. Raagam P M
51 Epigenetics Ms. Raagam P M
52 Human genetics Ms. Raagam P M
53 Plasma membrane Ms. Raagam P M
54 Population interactions Ms. Raagam P M
55 Primate Evolution Ms. Raagam P M
56 Silk moth lifecycle Ms. Raagam P M
57 Solid waste Treatment and Disposal Ms. Raagam P M