Department Of Zoology

Department of Zoology was established in 1952 with a B.Sc. degree programme under the Madras University. The M. Sc. programme was launched in 1959. The first batch itself achieved a remarkable record securing the 1st and 2nd ranks in the University. Since then, the department has maintained this good academic tradition. The courses offered are B.Sc in Zoology and M.Sc in Zoology with Environmental Science as specialization. As part of the Golden jubilee celebration of the College, the Department introduced a one-year P.G. diploma course in Aquaculture and it was one of the pioneering attempts of this kind in the State. Now it has grown into an autonomous division. Another important event in the history of the Department was its recognition as a Research Centre by the Mahatma Gandhi University in 1994.


Our Department, being a centre of excellence in teaching and research in zoology, fashioning an enlightened society through fostering of critical thinking and learning process. Envisions to inculcate the highest values of life and also holistic development of students for their welfare and society and stride towards sustainable future.


To provide an environment; that enables the students the contemporary advancements in life science. Impart a global perspective and it disseminates knowledge even beyond the academia that benefits humanity. Instills the knowledge and skills in zoological science, and a feel for frontier disciplines and cultivates a concern for the sustainable environment and ecological development.


Abu Dhabi


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